The Phucker Story




10 years ago we wanted to travel with a bunch of our friends.. So many people said "we're in". Liars!!! So we looked around for an adults only fun all inclusive that's for all with topless but no nudity as some of my friends were freaked out by it.. We had been to Hedo 2 before so it was no biggie to us.. So we stumble across this place in Cancun. Blue Bay Getaway (BBG).. So I go to Trip Advisor and I ask about said place.. I then get directed to Cancuncare.com by Blue Eyes.. She also told me I will have a great time.. So off I go to Cancuncare.. It is only September and I see people have started a roll call for the same time as I want to go with our friends.. So Being the shy person I am I jump right in and throw out a "Hey X n' Y here and we'll be at BBG in February with a bunch of friends, yadda yadda yadda." And I kept talking.. We all did. And more people signed up.. And we kept talking.. So much so we had the longest thread that year.. So funny that people would come up to us at BBG and say they didn't post but they laughed so hard.. 
February came and hugs and kisses all around. More old friends, but brand new to my life. We had the best time all week. So many laughs. Crazy bastards!


So I kiss my new family good bye and we all went back to reality. We all kept talking. Then they locked our thread.. lol. So we all talked about going away again. Just getting a villa in Jamaica. So we started the message board so we could talk about our new trip plans and not take up the other boards bandwidth. We played around with names and the actual name is "We are the Crazy Phuckers your parents warned you about.." But it was shortened to "Crazy Phuckers." The Crazy Phucker board was started in March of 2006.. We went to Jamaica in July 2006. Then Hedo II Feb 2007. 

We have met up in New Orleans, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Boston, thus far.. So it's not just a Caribbean/ Mexico thing. lol

And thus my second family had begun.. With each trip we add a few more Phuckers.  Like a snowball that constantly grows and grows. 
And I am a very lucky Phucker.. 

How did your Phucker story begin????