Here are some Hedonism FAQ's

Is Hedo a nudist Resort?
No, Hedo is not a nudist resort. Guests are not naked all the time.Nudity is only allowed within the walking area of the nude-side rooms and at the nude beach and nude pool complex. That’s well under a third of the total Hedo campus. Topless is permitted but not overly common on the prude beach and at the prude swimming pool and hot tub.
On Thursday’s Toga night, nudity is allowed at dinner. The secret rule is that nudity is allowed anywhere at Hedo after midnight, but the truth of that rule varies. Other than that, no nudity is allowed.

Can I wear my bottoms on the nude beach?
Women=Yes, Men=No, Sorry guys

Is "Wood" common?
Yup, "wood" happens.. Oddly not a ton as being nude isn't as sexual as people like to think. But when it does you wear that wood proud. Kidding. Just go into the water.

What do people wear at Hedo?
The same way you dress at Temptation will be the same way you dress at Hedo. For the most part. Cover ups are common at breakfast buffet, Lunch is the same at the buffet and dinners are dress sexy, you can push sexy a bit more here though. Men same rules apply here as at Temptation too. You have to dress the part to go to the specialty restaurants. After dinner go change into your theme gear and enjoy.. Less is more.. Its freakin hot!

Will the swingers try to make me have sex with them?
No.. They are very respectful. As everyone should be.. If you get asked and aren't into it just say "no thank you." And enjoy knowing that people wanted you. Cha cha

Do people really have sex in the hot tub?
Yes, sex in the hot tub occurs.. Typically late night, but can be any time of day really. The hot tub is drained and cleaned everyday. The pools are also closed each day for treatment. Stop saying the floating stuff is "fluids"! Your drinks that have dropped in and sunscreen have a HUGE affect on the stuff bubbling on top.

Is there a lot of sex going on openly?
You will not step over copulating couples at Hedonism II. The majority of guests are not getting it on in public. Many people go home disappointed because they never saw any open sex. Hedo is not an orgy...but then again...sometimes that hot tub at 2 a.m. does become interesting.
The amount of open sex depends on the time of day or week, which groups are there, etc. Hedo is like the real world, you only go where you are invited.

Is everyone supermodel thin?
Its basically like if you took your local Target and stripped everyone down. All shapes and sizes.. Confidence is sexy. We all have imperfections.

What is a Wally, and a Vinny???
Vinny= Younger (usually but not always) guy who thinks he is gods gift to all women. And makes sure they all know it. Won't take no for an answer very well. Sometimes runs in packs..
Wally=A guy who loves to watch other peoples romantic encounters. And may even get too creepily close. Usually they are harmless, but annoying. Typically quiet and keep to themselves. Just be firm with them. I splash water at them if they get to close, lol.

Thankfully most single guys are not either of these.. But they do occur.

Always remember No means No!
Just like Temptation attitude and confidence is key.. Strut your sexy stuff.

Here are some answers to Negril's Frequently Asked Questions.

What Language is spoken by Jamaican's?
The official language of Jamaica is English, although many residents speak Jamaican Patios which is a mix of English, African, Indian, Spanish and slang.

What Time Zone is Jamaica?
Jamaica is Eastern Standard time, although they do not participate in day light savings time. So during day light savings time they are an hour behind.

Can I drink the water?
Yes you can drink the water straight from the tap in Jamaica. The water is from the mountain springs and is chlorinated. I drink the water from the tap every time there and have never had any problems. Although when traveling outside the larger cities be a little more cautious as flooding has caused contamination in more rural area's, and many outside of the cities still use well water, boreholes, or water direct from rivers and springs.

What type current do they use?
Electricity is the similar to the US; they use 110 volts, 50 cycles, using the same receptacles as us. Although you may notice that your appliances may run a little cooler and slower than at home, due to the US having 120volts, 60 cycles.

Are there ATM's In Negril?
Yes. There are a few in Hotels, but the ones everyone goes to are at Scotia bank at the gas station outside the entrance of Hedonism, and at the round about. It dispenses money in JMD.

Should I change my money before I go down?
It used to be that you could get a good exchange rate using USD at many stores and restaurants. Not so anymore. There are many Cambio's along the beach road. Also stores like Hi-Lo will dispense all change in JMD. ATM's at the round about dispense JMD as stated above. Many places will be more than happy to take USD. Take many small bills with you as many places will not be able to make change. It is also great to use as tip money.

Can I sunbathe topless or nude in Negril?
Topless sunbathing is allowable all along Seven Mile beach. Nude sunbathing is usually kept to private coves on the West End cliffs, sections of Booby Cay and a very small section of Bloody Beach. Hedonism II, Couples Negril, Grand Lido Negril, Point Village Resort, Firefly, Carib Beach Apartments and some resorts on the West End have either clothing optional or nude beaches.

Will the vendors always bother me?
Well the vendors along the beach are trying to earn a living, like most of us. They will try to sell you everything, literally. A simple "no thanks" is usually all that is needed. Sometimes they will persist. Don't try to be kind with a "maybe later" or "I don't have my money on me" because they will persist even harder if you give them an inch. Show them respect and "no thank you. I don't want anything." Period.

Is there anything in the ocean I should be careful of?
Always shuffle your feet while wading in so as to not step on Stingrays. Also be careful of Sea Urchins. As their spines can break off and stick into your feet. While snorkeling be careful of fire coral. Although there are many different varieties of this coral, all are edged in white. Always stay away from Scorpion fish. With feathery spines around it's back and side this fish looks dangerous. Also dangerous is the Barracuda. This silver fish with sharp teeth can be found in deeper water snorkeling and scuba diving. Sea Lice or Sea Bathers Eruption caused by the larvae of the Thimble Jellyfish is also a concern.

Are there sand fleas?
Yes. As the sand cools at night the sand fleas come out. Wear deet, or whatever you feel works, for both mosquitoes and sand flees. Many larger resorts spray the sand for sand fleas.