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The Spice vision was first conceived in 2007 – the objective was to create a clothing optional resort that liberated couples could enjoy all year without having to cross the Atlantic. It took some time to find the perfect property and still more to make it capable of fulfilling the ultimate desire of all discerning libertines, naturists and curious couples. The resort opened in 2010 and it has quickly become the place where the finest couples in Europe come to experience a lifestyle holiday in the all year round warm sunny climate. In Lanzarote we have no hurricane season, in fact our annual rainfall is less than 5 inches. Many people ask if we are like Desire and Hedonism or other lifestyle vacations. Of course the fact that we are a short flight away for Europeans makes us unique and their first choice for regular visits, but more than that, our uniqueness is born from understanding European preferences, the aspiration to have some elegance and sophistication mixed with their extravagance and debauchery! The hand-picked team at Spice work hard to make sure all our guests have the most fabulous time when they are with us and cannot resist returning. Spice is an award winning lifestyle destination where every day is different and every night is magical.